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Precision machining
Rapid prototyping
Mechanical manufacturing
PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly
Providing quality manufacturing solutions
Design and engineering

We offer our clients technical consulting services for the design and engineering of mechanical systems, electrical circuits and microsystems. Based on our knowledge and expertise combined with advanced 3D CAD and FEM software tools, we elaborate functional solutions for your technical challenges.

Mechanical machining

We provide a large variety of manufacturing solutions for your custom design parts and assemblies. Our specialty is a fast and reliable service at a lower price. No matter if prototypes, small-batches or large scales production, we can meet your demands.

Printed circuit boards

EMFab is your specialist in the fabrication and assembly of high quality printed circuit boards including standard glass-reinforced epoxy laminates, aluminum core, or flexible boards. Trust our reliable service and tailored manufacturing solutions for your custom PCBs.

EMFab GmbH offers customers high-standard engineering consulting, design and manufacturing services:  a one-stop solution for your technical problems. Excellent engineering skills are combined with profound expertise to provide customers with world-class manufacturing services and products.

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