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Why choose us?

Cost-driven production outsourcing of individual product components and assemblies is becoming essential for the success of technical enterprises. With the highly developed and booming Chinese manufacturing market and the newly implemented Swiss – Chinese free trade agreement, the business environment couldn’t be better to benefit from the opening opportunities.


EMFab has established long-term collaborations with numerous reliable manufacturers in China. All contracted manufacturers produce high-end products strictly complying with the ISO 9000 and 9001 standards.


We can offer our clients low-cost production services free of concerns related to complicated negations or existing language and cultural barriers. From quality warranty, over supervision of a correct project implementation to remedying of potential complications, everything is taken care of by EMFab.


With our profound technical expertise in the fields of mechanical, electrical and MEMS engineering and the close ties to the Chinese manufacturing industry, we can offer our clients the full package: from design and optimization to prototyping and manufacturing.

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