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Supported file formats



Precision machining


Simple parts

2D technical drawings in PDF format preferred, other 2D drawings formats (.dwg, .dxf, drw) accepted.


Complex parts

3D CAD files in STEP format (.step, .stp) preferred, other CAD file formats (.prt, .par, .ipt .iges, .sldprt) accepted.

Please add 2D technical drawings for the specification of tolerances.



Printed circuit boards


Please use Gerber RS274X standard for the export of your layout data. The common Gerber files needed for manufacturing are:

Top layer:

Bottom layer:

Inner layers:

Solder mask top:

Solder mask bottom:

Silkscreen top:

Silkscreen bottom:

Drill Drawing:

Board Outline:



.GLx (x is the inner layer number for multilayer boards)





.TXT or .DRL

.GKO or .GML

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