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General terms and conditions



      1. General   

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regulate the offered services of EMFab GmbH. Alternative or additional regulations are only valid if agreed in writing and signed by EMFab GmbH and the contracting customer.


      2. Order and cancellation 

The send order is considered as a request for a contract closing. The contract is concluded upon receiving the order confirmation by email. An order cancellation after the conclusion of the contract results in full payment of the contracted value.


     3. Delivery and deadlines 

The offered delivery time becomes valid upon receiving the order confirmation. The offered delivery time might be prolonged due to external factors independent of EMFab GmbH, such as customs, unexpected technical problems or force majeure (strikes, environmental influences, etc.). EMFab cannot be held liable for these externally caused delivery delays.


     4. Warranty and liability of defects


4.1 Quality guarantee: For damaged, incomplete parts or components not complying with your supplied data files caused by flawed and negligence by the manufacturer, we guarantee remanufacturing or full refund.

4.2 Claims period: Any non-conformance or deviation from the supplied data must be reported within 14 days upon receipt of the manufactured parts.  After this period no compensation claims can be made to EMFab GmbH.

4.3 File correctness: The customer is fully responsible for the correctness and the completeness of the supplied data files. EMFab GmbH is not obliged to check the correctness and the completeness of the files.

4.4 Supplied data files:  When 3D CAD files and 2D technical drawings are supplied, the parts will be manufactured according to the 3D CAD files. The drawings will be used for general information and tolerances only.

4.5 Design changes: Any design changes after placing the order will be subjected to additional charges, depending on the progress of the manufacturing process and the changes requested.

4.6 Damage during delivery: The customer should not sign for a package showing any external signs of damage without first examining the content. Signing for a damaged package will invalidate any compensation claims.

4.7 Long term guarantee:  EMFab GmbH assumes no liability for the long term durability and life expectation of the manufactured parts, since those are strongly depended on the material, purpose of use and storing conditions of the manufactured parts.


     5. Manufacturing standards


5.1 Tolerances: All quotations are based on general machine tolerances unless specific drawings with tolerances are supplied.

5.2 Machining conditions: Machined parts will have a milling radius at internal corners. Required sharp corners must be clearly specified and labeled.

5.3 Finishing: Any special requirements for surface roughness and finishing methods must be specified in the technical files.

5.4 Colors: EMFab GmbH always strives to meet the customer’s desired surface color requests (e.g. in anodized parts), however no perfect match can be guaranteed.


     6. Payment

The payment for orders with a total value up to CHF 10'000.- must be carried out within 30 days upon receiving the corresponding bill or PayPal payment request. The bill is send after the manufactured parts have been shipped to the customer. For orders with a total value over CHF 10'000.-, half of the order value must be paid in advance. EMFab GmbH reserves the right to apply changes to this regulation at any time.


     7. Confidentiality and intellectual property

EMFab GmbH guarantees full confidentiality for all managed documents, data files and IP from the customers without a written agreement. On demand, a custom NDA (non-disclosure agreement) can be signed. All contracted manufacturers of EMFab GmbH are obliged to sign NDAs for the manufacturing orders.




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