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Mechanical manufacturing solutions


From prototyping to large batch productions, we provide your custom manufacturing solution!


Precision machining


EMFab provides a wide range of high-quality mechanical manufacturing services for your custom parts, such as multi-axis CNC milling, turning, sintering or laser cutting, combined with different surface finishing methods. We can process a large variety of metals, plastics, glasses or other special materials on request. For more details click below:

Rapid prototyping


Rapid prototyping is ideal for fabricating prototypes or small series of polymer parts in a quick and cost effective way. With a large variety of 3D-printing and casting technologies at our disposal, we can produce any functional structure you need. If you’re not sure which technology is the most suitable for your parts, send us your specifications and we will consult you!  For more details click below:

Precision machining details


1. Major processes:

CNC milling, CNC turning, facing, cutting, boring, drilling, tapping, bending, sintering, assemblies


2. Commonly machined materials:

Metals: aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel and steel alloys, iron, brass, bronze alloys, copper, nickel, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, Hastelloy

Polymers: ABS, acrylate, composites, phenolic, polyamide-Imide, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, fluoride based polymers such as PTFE or PVDF

Glasses: soda-lime glass, fused silica (quartz glass), borosilicate glass (Pyrex)


3. Tolerances:

Maximal precision is material and geometry dependent. We will do our best to meet your requirements.


4. Surface finish:

Mechanical finishing: grinding, lapping, polishing, honing, brushing, sand blasting, knurling

Electrochemical finishing: anodizing (aluminum, titanium, and magnesium, different colors), passivation, electroplating

Surface hardening: precipitation hardening, carburizing, nitriding

Teflon coatings


5. Service type:

Normal service: delivery time 3-4 weeks depending on the quantity and part complexity. Longer times might apply for very complex orders and large quantities.

Urgent service: delivery time 2 weeks (subjected to extra cost)



Didn’t find your preferred material or process on this list?

 and we will find a solution!

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